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Reviewed By Faridah Nassozi for Readers’ Favorite



Brave or Stupid by Tracey Christiansen, Yanne Larsson and Carl-Erik Andersson is a rich narration of how two best friends fulfilled their dream of sailing around the world. Carl and Yanne had been best friends for very many years, and one day they thought of taking a sailing trip around the world. What started out as just a loose idea by Carl soon became a serious goal and the two started planning what would turn out to be the adventure of their lives. For five years, the two planned and prepared, ensuring that they would be absolutely ready for the challenges of the sea. In June 2002, after more than two decades of a solid friendship, they left Sweden and their friends and families behind, and set off to see the world aboard their beloved boat. Their story takes you from island to island, city to city, beach to beach, and all the glory and challenges of the three-year journey. Come along now and enjoy the trip of your life as you see the world through their experiences.

Brave or Stupid by Tracey Christiansen, Yanne Larsson and Carl-Erik Andersson is an amazing story about a journey around the world filled with bravery, inspiration, going after your dreams, and living life to the fullest. The experience each part of the journey gave Carl and Yanne was simply priceless and even the numerous challenges they had to overcome just added to making the journey even more memorable as they moved from one destination to another, taking in life and learning the different cultures and lifestyles along the way. The numerous pictures of the different places they visited added to the beauty of the story, especially the breathtaking images of the islands and the beaches. Their experience is beyond description and reading their story had me thinking that anything is possible; all you have to do is want it badly enough and work towards achieving it. So, Brave or Stupid? I would say brave, definitely brave.




“Management by Inspiration!”

“Entrepreneurship, strategy, diligence, commitment, goaloriented, teamwork, doing more
and working smarter with a limited budget – these are the keys to any successful company.
That’s why, after recognizing so many examples of these virtues in the book Brave or Stupid,
I decided to give a copy to every member of the Ecophon management team.
The book is inspirational, entertaining and, above all, shows how determination
and hard work leads to success. And, that you can have fun while doing it!”

Gert-Jan van Doormalen
President, Saint-Gobain
Ecophon AB



Brave or Stupid

by Tracey Christiansen